Sunday, June 28, 2015

Off Days

Rode some endurance on Friday, two hours at around 215, and then have Saturday at one hour recovery (less than 80 watts) and then off Sunday and Monday with the time trial on Tuesday. Feels good to get the rest days and start to taper towards Minneapolis.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cleves Time Trial June 23, 2015

Not a bad time at 22:54 given my lackluster performance. Just didn't have any spark after yesterdays big efforts at the state it's so I used this as just training. No attempt to ride a really fast time but turned out ok. Concentrated on keeping the cadence up around 95.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Ohio Senior Olympic TT's, 5k and 10k

They held both events this afternoon. I did win gold in both. Not sure that the courses were actually 5 and 10k. Have all data on the 5k and on the 10k we sat around long enough that my computer fell asleep and I didn't get the power to find. Very technical course with lots of turns that I couldn't push the power through. Had to come out of the bars on most of them. Still held 370 or so on the 5k with all of the zero power and over 27.5 mph given what is likely a 2.9 mile course ridden in 6:20 according to the official timer. A little over double than on the 10k. Looks like it was under 13 minutes or upper 28 mph to 29 mph.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday's efforts

Here is who today went: Rode my 8am spin and did my 9am circuit for just under two hours. Drove to TN and did the ladder efforts noted on Friday. Very hot and humid here, which I like. Did 1 minute at 473, 2 at 414 and 3 at 402, 2 at 440 and 1 at 473 then 1 at 443, 441 and 504. Three minutes between all efforts. I'll be hiking tomorrow morning, likely 12 miles, and maybe an easy endurance ride in the afternoon. Friday I'll be off. Plan on sleeping in a little and then driving home.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cleves Time Trial

Rode my fastest of the year, 22:32, 27.3 mph, but certainly not my biggest power at 344. Very humid evening. I like that but it takes a couple of weeks to get used to it. Overall pleased and ready for the two state it's on Monday.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Short Saturday ride

Rode outside for 23 miles and then inside for 10 miles to finish it while I read my newspapers. On the outside portion I did do 1x5 minutes. I was just curious to see what I could hold knowing that at last years state 5k and 10k I was in the upper 300's for 6 minutes and 13 minutes. Held 408 for 5 minutes. I feel good about that especially under non-competitive circumstances.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blue Streak Top 20

PlaceNameTeam Bib NoAgeGenderAge GroupDiv Total TimePace
1Josh BozueGravity Spa98030M1 30-34120:50.928.8
2L Gary PainterFort Wayne89859M1 55-59121:11.128.3
3Brian WorleyMad Cow Ramble94632M2 30-34121:27.228.0
4Sean WilliamsGravity Spa85831M3 30-34121:49.727.5
5Peter WimbergQueen City86653M1 50-54122:01.627.3
6Gregg NessFort wayne89754M2 50-54122:06.127.1
7Sean MartinMad Cow Ramble84541M1 40-44122:09.927.1
8Craig CarrollMad Cow Ramble84143M2 40-44122:15.727.0
9Denny ZechFort Wayne89361M1 60-64122:27.826.7
10Nathan RobinsonPeddlethePlanet88626M1 25-29122:32.526.6
11Carl EichertUS Miliary Endu91825M2 25-29122:36.126.5
12Chris CainGravity Spa91234M4 30-34122:38.026.5
13Ryan FogleTeam Dayton91432M5 30-34122:41.026.5
14Paul MoweryFort Wayne93863M2 60-64122:42.626.4
15Andrew BoneffVillage Cyclery92228M3 25-29222:53.726.2
16Kit HinderCycleton90824M1 20-24123:01.726.1
17Daniel PainterFort Wayne89617M1 15-19123:18.025.8
18Mike TreonMad Cow Ramble96153M3 50-54123:28.925.6
19Lee WiseUSMES92324M2 20-24123:38.725.4
20Timothy SaxerFort Wayne88752M4 50-54123:44.925

50-54 Blue Streak Results

PlaceNameTeam Bib NoAgeOverallTotal TimePace
1Peter WimbergQueen City86653522:01.627.3
2Gregg NessFort wayne89754622:06.127.1
3Mike TreonMad Cow Ramble961531723:28.925.6
4Timothy SaxerFort Wayne887521923:44.925.3
5Bill LambertFort Wayne890532323:59.725.0
6Michael Polakowski894502524:06.224.9
7Ed MinerBike for All932522924:21.424.6
8Mark HarrisTrek Cinci917523024:27.124.5
9Greg BlantonGhisallo906523924:55.124.1
10Carl Borneman930514525:43.723.3
11Paul Kerney943535626:38.122.5
12Kevin Sturm940536627:43.321.6
13George SarmientoTeam Dayton873547128:07.221.3
14Ken Braswell955517228:14.221.3

Blue Streak TT

Not my best power (330) but rode a pretty fast time at 22:00 +/-, around 27.25 mph. Very windy so some very fast sections and some that were a struggle. Also had a turn around as opposed to our non-stop loop due to a course change. My best time on this course this year. Could have been faster if I hadn't ridden last night but good training for the upcoming state it's.

Feedback from a client...a little tongue in cheek

Dear Mr. Wimberg:

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your coaching advice on how to gain two seconds at the Cleves time trial.  You sure get results as I gained two seconds.  I am telling everyone that  you can easily get them the results they desire!

I tried doing intervals on my 200 mile ride on Saturday but that got old and tiresome very quickly.  I will do it for real on Thursday.  But your advice of keeping my power constant through the time trial really paid off.  I found myself concentrating on that.  I kept my power the same on the up hills as on the down hills.  Thanks for that tip.

The air was thin last night but the wind wasn’t a huge help.  At Lawrenceburg road a lady in a car on her cell phone pulled out in front of me so I had to slow down dramatically.  I really think I can gain a couple more seconds if the wind was right and I was motivated.  Then age will kick in and I will get slower.

Thanks again for the advice.  I have already achieved my goal.  You are a magical coach!

See you on the road,


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cleves TT on June9, 2015

Essentially rode alone at the 5:30. had just three riders at that time slot so we went at 2 minute intervals and none of us caught the other rider. Brutal event to do with no one out there to pass but good training. Rode a 22:46, 27 mph, at around 347. Cadence too low at 92. Rode the first 5k at closer to 360 which was the goal there. Average night overall.

Comment on allowing cadence to drop in the attempt to get more power

This is from a discussion on cadence dropping in the search for more power as our legs get tired during intervals. Its very typical to see people go to a lower cadence thing that will help but my experience is that it doesn't. That's interesting you say that, for some reason i "feel" like i get more power at lower RPMs and pushing a higher gear, but my legs aren't really built to do that. There's some sort of psychological thing where i feel i can't pedal faster and still hold power. What's a good way to train that? I do think we all have that optimum cadence that works for power and allow us to not fatigue too quickly. The power intervals are typically at higher rpm's as would most of our races. I think we get into a competitive atmosphere we tend to fall back to what feels good, in this case fast and powerful. I do know some riders who do well with rpm's in the 80's. I'm also not convinced that they're pushing their HR as high as they could as they're relying on muscle to get them there. personally I've experimented at Cleves and I know my power is better at 95-105 than it is below 95. I do know that I have trouble holding that same power and cadence in my training. I tend to fall back to a lower cadence and grind out the power. Maybe that system works to get the rams/power I need at the time trials? Kind of like lifting weights (slow, big weights) makes you a better sprinter. You're building muscle and then applying that in a faster rep in competition.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday Century

Rode the Ripley century route today. Left at 6:00 am and did 3x15 minute tempo efforts with 10 between starting about 20 minutes into the ride. Did the first 51 miles in 2:23, 250 watts avg. Rode 100 miles in 4:50, 240 watts avg, and the entire 102 miles in 4:59. Both are personal records for century and that ride door to door.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

2x20 tempo at Ault Park

I used the crit course for a couple of tempo efforts. My Friday is filled with meetings so it'll be an off day. I'll do the 3x15 on Saturday and then do recovery on Sunday and Monday. Sunday I have to travel about two hours each way to coach a couple teams I work with at a crit. Given yesterdays two classes (55 minute spin at 245 avg with plenty of intervals and 55 minute circuit lass) I did cut today a little short. Power was ok at 320 and 315 for 19 and 17 minutes. In 50 minutes also did about 1600' of climbing. Not bad for just going in circles.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cleves Time Trial, June 2, 2015

Cool and windy evening with temps in the low 60's. Not my kind of weather so I went for power and cadence. Held 356 and 95, best effort of the year. Time was 30 seconds slower than last week even with greater power. Just shows how conditions affect the speed. On e we get a hot night, 80s+, I should be back in the 22:15-22:30 range.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Easy Days

Took the last two days as recovery days after the intervals on Saturday and given the May races and training miles. Looking forward to Cleves time trial tomorrow night and the two state it's coming up up three weeks from today. Turned 53 more year in the 50-54. Watched some of the state crit championship yesterday from Xenia with a couple of the Upper Arlington riders participating along with several University of Cincinnati riders. If I did;t need my shoulders for playing drums and did;t mind risking other injury, doing crits would be fun.

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