Friday, September 26, 2014

Smoky Mtn Century

Rode 100 today from Gatlinburg to Cades Cove to Sugarlands to Chimney Tops Picnic Area back to Elkmont and then back to the chalet. Had about 7500' of climbing. Could have gone longer….felt great all day.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Clingmans Dome

54 miles, 6000'+ on the climbing...peak power: 10 minutes at 319, 15 at 315, 20 at 312, 30 at 299, 40 at 299, 60 at 288 and 90 at 282...and really not pushing it all that hard with the guys I'm with

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cleves Time Trial

Pretty decent time and very good power tonight. Rode a 22:43 and averaged 361 watts, 92 cadence. During warmup did a 4 minute effort at 388 just to see if the 2x8 Saturday was out of line. Given that hold a little lower power on my tt bike and that I could have gone longer, I think the field test is accurate. of course that will raise all of the training zones. Given my goal of a gold at nationals in Minneapolis next summer, a winter of building power is expected.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Field Test and Century

Beautiful day here with temps in the upper 50's to low 70's so I did the field test early in the ride and then did a century. I'll take tomorrow off. The field test went really well. I held 408 and 394 for each 8 minute effort. At first I thought my computer had to be wrong but in June at the state 10k champhionship I held 380 for 13 minutes. I was well rested today after two days off and have had a week of great sleep. I did the entire ride faster than normal also. I didn't wear my HR monitor but during the test I checked my pulse and was pushing mid to upper 170's. For the most of the ride I was in the 130-140's and feeling great. Average power was around 260 so about he same as the last couple of 100 milers. This was an easy century even with 4000' of climbing and the test and some headwinds.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cleves Time Trial

interesting evening: rode one of my slowest times of the year at 23:06 but held 355 watts avg, one of my better efforts of the season; the cool temps, low 60's, weren't exactly condusive to fast times but wish that effort would have produced a better result; also, found a 2012 Cervelo P2, brand new, at our sponsoring shop for a great price; will use it for training

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blue Streak

Had problems with my power meter but got it going by the time I went off. Dropped my chain as I was about to do my track stand prior to going off (they don't hold us). Took me 20 seconds into my start time to actually get going. Third tt in a row where I've had problems: crashed, construction delay, and dropped chain. Frustrating but I'm not too concerned or upset. Season is almost over and I've posted some good results. And, still rode well tonight given the 20 mph winds. Controlling the bike was difficult. Into the head winds I was struggling to hold 20 mph in some sections. Rode a 22:51, 26.3 and that includes the 20 seconds at the start. Actually 26.6 on the course.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cleves Time Trial

another dud evening...warmed up well and was riding well until I was stopped by some contruction on the road....nothing like having to come to a complete stop in a time trial while traffic came through our side of the road and then taking off again....oh well, still rode a 23:09...had to have lost 30-40 seconds....and, no computer data...while I was getting current watts I lost the rear wheel sensor in the wreck last week so I had no speed or clock....tomorrow night will be better

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Challenging Week

Had a DNF at Cleves as I went over the bars as I ran into a young neighborhood boy who rode his bike into my path. I knocked him over as I went head first into the road. He was fine while I had some road rash on my shoulder and back and trashed my helmet and skin suit. Couldhave been worse. Also had a death in the immediate family that put training aside. Had very limited time today and will not be riding tomorrow so I did 10x30 seconds at the local crit course: 558, 584, 560, 578, 601, 611, 614, 617, 579 and 540; shoulder much better...will plan on two tt's this week with Cleves and BlueStreak.

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