Monday, June 27, 2016

Time Trial Prep Intervals

We usually don;t do these but my coach had 5x40 at 80% of FTP and then 2 minute at tempo. 2 at steady state and 1 a time trial pace. The results were 380, 376, 389, 382 and 375, all well above FTP let alone 80% of it and then 311/347/419. Feeling rested after taking yesterday off completely other than an hour hike with the dogs late in the day.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Living Long....the myth

Dr. Weil on Drinking

For years we've been told that moderate drinking - one to three drinks per day - is associated with good health and longer life, but a new investigation raises some doubts about that. An international team of researchers analyzed 87 studies to examine the relationship between drinking alcohol and death from any cause and concluded that while moderate drinking was associated with longer life, alcohol consumption isn't responsible. They pointed out that moderate drinkers are more likely to be affluent, well educated and, as a result, reasonably healthy. As a result, they tend to experience less heart disease, cancer and injury and live longer than others. In their analysis, the research team noted that some non-drinkers may simply have an aversion to alcohol, while others may have quit drinking for health reasons. Most investigations don't distinguish between these two groups. When the researchers separated them, factored in socioeconomic class, and re-evaluated the data, they found no survival advantage for moderate drinkers over non-drinkers. All told, the review concluded that people who lived the longest, healthiest lives averaged only one drink every 10 days, suggesting they were doing something right but their drinking habits probably play no role. Heavy drinkers are another story - in study after study, their lives are the shortest.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5x4 minutes, up Heekin Ave

Scheduled for Friday but done today as I can tell my calendar is full these went well inspite of last nights tt effort and two classes this morning. the goal was 350-370 and I held 361, 366, 366, 361 and 357 with rpms in the mid 80's.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cleves Time Trial

Had my best time of the year at 22:22, 86 cadence, 27.5 mph, 364 watts. Pretty balanced between the first and second halves. I'm not going to say it was actually my best effort because it wasn't. Rode without too much drive. Busy day so went into this with a rather mellow disposition.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Century Comparison

Fridays 100 miler in TN?NC was identical to the March ride. On Friday I averaged 227 watts with 250 NP while in March I was at 191 and 217. Friday's ride too 6:12, March 6:47. I the past that ride has taken from the 6:20's to 6:40's. I've ridden it maybe a dozen times.  Kind of surprised that Fridy went so well given the 12 mile hike on Thursday, the two classes on Wednesday and the three races on Tuesday. Took yesterday and today off other than an easy 3 mile hike yesterday and an hour recovery inside


Friday, June 17, 2016


Smoky Mountain Century

Epic century in the mountains. We had big storms last night and this morning it was low 60'd going to the mid 80's so I did the Gatlinburg-Clngmans-Cherokee, NC and back ride. I rode it 30 minutes faster than the last time I did it earlier this spring. NP at 252, avg 227, 10,026' of climbing, 15 min at 296, 20 at 294, 30 at 281, 40 at 277, 60 at 267. Not bad after hiking 12 miles yesterday.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

20x30 seconds

I could telling looking at Friday that I wouldn't have time for these so I did them today. Even given the Tuesday time trial and classes yesterday I felt pretty good. Here is a breakdown. I used the crit course so I had an up hill effort and then a flat to slightly downhill effort alternating throughout. Power/cadence: 575/110, 362/120, 490/118, 387/118, 546/117, 400/113, 545/118, 405/104, 565/114, 479/111...3 minutes easy....583/117, 425/117, 539/123, 355/116, 519/122, 352/115, 486/124, 390/118, 502/123, 377/112. I really focused on cadence and let the power fall wherever.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cleves Time Trial

22:25, 27.4 mph, 369 watts at 87 rpms....a little slower on the rpms....just went with a bigger gear and more muscle tonight

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday Century

Started around 7am and did this part in about the first 86 in about 4:35, 240 avg watts, 258 NP. Pretty high for that length of time. Rode about half in a steady drizzle. Given the weather I used the Little Miami Trail past Oregonia. Ran into a group riding from Philly to Oregon over the summer. Looked like they were having fun.

Friday, June 3, 2016

some 30 second efforts

My week of training has been left up to me for Wednesday through the weekend. I did both of my classes on Wednesday, took yesterday off completely and then did some short efforts today. Will likely ride long tomorrow.

I did some easy indoor miles early this morning and then did these 30 second efforts at the local crit course: 604, 629, 640, 621, 628, 636,623, 635, 597, 633. Feel really good today. Very rested. I do like these for some reason.

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