Monday, November 30, 2015

Descending Intervals

60 seconds, 45 seconds, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, with same time between as in the interval, 2-3 minutes between sets

had time and will not be doing my late day circuit class; had to fast from what ended up being 9pm last night until noon today for a doctors appointment; had a late breakfast and then did these a few hours later; 501/503/572/658, 520/523/586/623, 524/521/601/662, 491/519/587/629, 515/484/570/645...NP of 330 for 56 minutes...felt pretty good...cold and grey day

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

60 seconds, 45 second, 30 seconds, 15 seconds x 5

Did these today given the travel schedule. Legs weren't totally recovered from last nights strength class but overall not too bad: 452/507/498/588, 503/???/521/588, 500/492/544/602, 513/540/505/584, and 498/527/549/618. Might have been pacing myself a little too conservatively. The pattern was 60 seconds on and off, 45 on and off, 30 on and off then 15 seconds followed by 3 minutes off. NP for 50 minutes at 330.

Friday, November 20, 2015

10x1 minute

Did these today as tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy, and then really cold on Sunday in the 20's and 30's; mid 40's today; used the Cervelo P2 tt bike also on a local hill; 519, 438 (didn't hit the button so interval is in with between time), 514, 490, 484, 471, 466, 463, 485, 468....really dying by the last four...just nothing left after the last three days...feels good to hammer though! 480 avg....NP of 348 for 34 minutes

Thursday, November 19, 2015

12 x 30 seconds, round 2 this week

Change of plans....upper 50's today so I did these instead of waiting for tomorrow; getting much colder over the weekend with highs in the 30's; todays efforts with power/cadence.....626/91, 635/97, 641/98, 651/99, 637/89, 636/99, 647/96, 655/93, 640/97, 641/87, 640/99, 646/101....641 avg....NP for 40 minutes at 356

Monday, November 16, 2015

12x30 seconds

Used the crit course (same as last week). Power and cadence: 638/95, 610/101, 636/96, 641/98, 654/92, 625/94, 631/96, 624/97, 629/97, 646/96, 632/94, 637/90. Average power at 633, NP for the entire 53 minutes at 326. Did these today and will do circuit class later and take Tuesday off completely. After the indoor tt yesterday and todays efforts, need some recovery.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Indoor 10k Time Trial, November 15 2015

14:48 was the official time, 96 rpms avg, avg power 356 with 351 first half and 358 second half (375 on the CompuTrainer...4.85 watts/kg), avg HR 169 with 166 first half and 174 second half; overall, a decent effort...tried to keep the cadence at 95-100 and not die off on the power in the second half; charts show power, cadence and HR

Friday, November 13, 2015

10x1 minute efforts

I used a gradual hill near our house for these (Heekin, from LeBlond to the park entrance) cadence in the mid 90's while power was 554, 527, 513, 515, 529, 533, 519, 529, 508, 507 for a 523 avg, and 346 NP for the ride. Not that the NP means much, just curious. These were tough! Super winded after the first 5 and took about another 30 seconds between.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wednesday and Thursday

Yesterday was 55 minute spin class with 2x10 minutes at tempo/steady state and then 1,2,3 minute efforts at PI. The hour circuit class had plenty of plyometrics and strength. Big crowds in both with 28 and 39 respectively.

Off today after intervals on Monday and Tuesday and then yesterdays class. Will be doing 10x1 minute efforts tomorrow. Talked to someone after class yesterday who does triathlons. She said her coach never gives her a day off. Yikes! That's not good.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

day 2, 10x30 seconds

Had unexpected time today so I did this weeks second session of the 10x30 which ended up being 11x30 because I hit the INT button with my gloves too many times and lost track of where I was. Better than doing too few! Kind of tired after yesterdays efforts and last nights strength class but put out some good power none the less: 682/95, 639/106, 654/101, 648/105, 659/96, 669/100, 657/96, 643/102, 642/94, 649/97, 648/100

Average power yesterday was 648, today at 653. Marginally better but good to see it go up. Normalized Power for 40 minutes today at 357.

Monday, November 9, 2015

10 x 30 seconds, power intervals at Ault Park

used the crit course; kind of cold (low 40's) but felt great to do these outside; power and cadence: 689/101, 629/104, 629/103, 640/95, 638/102, 648/99, 646/91, 656/99, 652/100, 650/99...fell off on the cadence on a few...just glad to get outside even though cold

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

6x4 minute , muscle tension

Used Heekin Avenue to do 6 four minute climbs at 55-50 rpms. Resulting power and cadence averages: 387/57, 373/55, 367/52, 405/58, 367/54, 367/52. Normalized power for 46 minutes was 324, and thats 5 trips down at zero power for 2 minutes or so. Racked up 1600' in climbing also. I like these short but intense efforts better than the 3x20 minute efforts.

Monday, November 2, 2015

8x20 second efforts...stomps!

note to my close to sprinting as I get in my training

rested well yesterday and slept well last night; beautiful day today, sunny and almost 70; used the local crit course; avg power and max: 679/779, 678/789, 715/778, 756/856, 758/844, 756/830, 783/879, 762/850, 749/828...did 9, just for fun; all of the numbers picked up once I took the cadence little higher; just took a few to get the gearing right....those are fun! like the challenge of pushing avg and max

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekend training

Rode 100 miles yesterday from Pt. Pleasant, OH, across the August Ferry to Augusta, out on 415 and then back into Marysville where we crossed the Simon Kenton Bridge to Aberdeen, OH. From there it was north on 763 to 125, west through Russellville and Georgetown before dropping back to the Ohio River on 221 and back to Pt. Pleasant. In light of that and the efforts on the schedule this week, took today off other than a 5 mile commute to teach and a 90 minute walk with the dog.

Putting together the goals for 2016:
Cleves, back in the 21 minute's
State tt's in Ohio: win all three
State it's in KY: win both
Nationals in Winston Salem: top 12

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