Friday, March 30, 2012

Casstown Colavita Time Trial and Training Update

The first Colavita Time Trial was held on March 25th in Casstown, Ohio. The 9.2 mile course was basically flat and rectangular in shape. The first stretch was pretty much due north into the wind and then took a right turn with some side wind as we headed east. The second half was the opposite with a nice tail and/or crosswind. I was the first rider off at my request as I had to be back in Cincinnati by 11. I was averaging a little over 27 mph at the halfway point and ended up covering the course in 19:35 or 28.18 mph average. Its not often that I average over 28 mph so I was pleased with the time. I was also trying out my new Adamo saddle for the first time and thought it was great. Should have made the change a long time ago.

On the training end, Coach Julia has me doing one, two or even three days per week of 5x8 minute uphill climbing repeats with the power goal being 352-370 watts average on each. I'm using Kugler Mill from Camp Road to Given which takes from 6:30 to 6:45 so I add in a sixth effort to get to the 40+ minutes. Power is usually in the zone for the first four and then down by about 5-8%. It helps having some other riders on that road to chase even if they don't know they're being chased. This is certainly the most time I've spent training at time trial wattage. I think it will pay off as we get into the season.

Looking at my calendar I'll have 20 rides at Cleves, the state tt that we're hosting through Queen City Wheels in early July, the Midwest District tt in late July, the Blue Streak series (6 races) and probably a few in Knoxville. I'm also on board for at least one more and maybe more of the Colavita's. Probably looking at 30+ time trials between now and mid October.

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