Friday, July 31, 2015

Steady States

Did 6x6 minute steady states with about 30-60 seconds between, in and out on Riverside Drive. Held 335-343 on all. Headed out for a century tomorrow. Leaving by 6:15 am and looking at right around 5 hours heading out and back to Ripley, OH.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back at Cleves

Screen shot of tonights effort from the Cleves Time Trial, 22:20, 334 watts on a hot humid evening 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

State Time Trial

Very fortunate to win the 50-54 title today with a time of 32:18 for 14.2 miles. Tough course with lots of ups and downs. Very hard to establish any consistency of pacing. Max speed was 40, low speed was 19, had stretches at 28-30 and some at 24. Thats my 20th state gold medal in 28 try with the others being 6 silvers and 2 bronze.

Race Day!

I go off in the state time trial championship at 8:22:30, or about 2.5 hours from now. Sufficiently nervous and very ready to go. Drove the course late yesterday afternoon. Same as last year. Some fast sections (40 mph+) and some areas that will be slow. Last big race of the season so want to die it all out. Looking for 350+ watts over the 14.2 miles.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Isle Royale NP

Spent just under three days o the island having taken the boat from Copper Harbor (no plane due to weather) and then hiking 5 miles, 13 miles, and 12 miles on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. One of my favorite places to visit. Hadn't been since my three trips in the 1980's. Will go back much sooner next time.

Isle Royale National Park Photo's

Michigan Century

Rode 100 miles here in the Grand Traverse area, some of it in a torrential downpour coming out of Leeland. Haven't ridden in that kind of rain in a long time. Took it easy for the most part taking 5:15 to complete the ride at around 210 watts. State time trial #3 next weekend in the Cleveland area.

Monday, July 13, 2015

5K time trial at Nationals in Minneapolis

I thought that in order to win I'd have to be close to 400 watts. Its a short event, usually 6:25-7:00 depending on the course. At the end of the first couple of minutes I was well over 420 and hit the turn at 415 avg. I started up again after the turn in the 390's. Amazing how much power and speed you lose off your average when you slow down that much. On the way back I pushed the avg power back up to the upper 390's. There was a low spot on the course near a lake and coming out of this up a small hill and to the finish I was well over 430 and hitting 450. Finished around 400 avg at 6:46.3. this put me 1.1 second off the winning time of 6:45.2. Silver again. I've ridden four of the events, Cleveland and now Minneapolis, and have all silvers to show for it. I never finish these thinking I could have ridden any harder. Still, a little disappointing to be that close to the gold. Birmingham in 2017!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

National Senior Games TT 10k

Today was the 10k (6.4 mile) national senior games championship time trial. They went in reverse alphabetical order in the brackets so I was 4th off in the 50-54 and we followed the 55-59. I passed the three guys ahead of me (30 seconds between each rider) and caught a couple of guys in the 55-59. Rode the course in 13:32 or just under 28 mph pushing 375+ watts average. Like two years ago in Cleveland, this ride was good for second place. Some guy from New Mexico beat me by 16 seconds or so. The next closest rider in our age bracket was a minute back. In Cleveland I lost to the some guy from Mississippi guy two days in a row but on day 2 on the shorter course he only won by 4 seconds. Maybe I can take this guy tomorrow.  I felt like I was going to pass out today so maybe tomorrow I need to feel like passing out and throwing up. 

Race Day

Rode the course three times here in Minneapolis yesterday afternoon. Pretty standard out and back, road conditions are average, not much i the way of climbing although some gradual rises and falls. I don't go off until 2:45, 3:45 eastern time so I have a long day of sitting around. Have been working on playlists for classes, taking in some archived USAC and USAT webinars to keep up with CEU's and reading. Definitely excited and ready to go!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cleves: canceled again

Second week with rain so no time trial. Not concerned as I'll get in a good spin class tomorrow and then an hour of strength training and then off to Minneapolis. Not much will change in my fitness between now and the weekend.

Friday, July 3, 2015

5x6 steady states

We're tapering back on the time on the bike but maintaining intensity. Todays 5x6 minute efforts at steady state were 342, 350, 363, 373 and 335. Hit the first one after just 8 minutes into the ride so not really warmed up. The last one I hit a light and had to slow down. Overall, some of my best of the year on these.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Had an off day today after riding my spin class and doing my strength class yesterday. Tomorrow I'll be doing 5x6 steady states with a light weekend to follow. Will likely do the Tuesday time trial next week and then its off to Minneapolis.

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