Friday, March 5, 2010

Changes in Training for 2010

I like to update my training every year not only to keep it interesting but also to take my time trial performance to new levels, hopefully. Here are a few things I'm doing for 2010:

1. Visit a Sports Psychologist: Dr. Barbara Walker at the Center for Human Performance is one of our QCW team sponsors and also a very accomplished cyclist and runner herself. I've had several appointments with her and our discussions have been fascinating. Keep in mind this isn't about laying on a couch while we discuss my childhood, although that could be an interesting journey. We've been looking at goal setting in terms of not specifically naming events where success is desired but instead looking at the overall goals needed to acheive the race goals. We narrowed this down to specificc training goals (ie, watts/kg), imrpovemenst in diet (see below), and improvements in aerodynamics 9ie, position, equipment). Each goal had numerous sub-goals. We're also working on focused and controlled breathing techniques, controlling stress during life in general so that more energy is available for training and racing, improved mental focus, and optimizing rest and recovery.

2. Diet: I met with Dawn Weatherwax at Sports Nutrition to Go to have my resting metabolic rate tested (2900 calories per day when I do nothing, over 5000 when training), body fat % measured (11%), sodium in my sweat measured (results pending), lung capacity measured (pretty high!), and my diet completey analyzed. Dawn is going to set up a diet plan for me so that I can better balance my protein intake (its too low) and tweak my lean body composition. If you haven't examined your diet, I highly recommend doing so. I'm very excited about this process.

3. Intervals: Coach Hoyt Halverson at Carmichael Training Systems is always adjusting my intervals and challenging me to push the wattage barrier. Its been a long winter on the trainer with 12-14 hours per week, mainly inside, but I've been right in the zones. Hopefully this will pay off in the spring and summer events.

If you're not updating your training and trying to go beyond your comfort zone, can you really expect better performance year after year?

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