Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cleves TT

hesitant to ride tonight having ridden the state tt just 48 hous ago but did alright, 22:43, 27.25 mph, 355 watts, pretty even split on power between first and second half...felt like a mellow effort

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ohio State TT

I took silver in the cat 3. Not thrilled with that but I felt like I rode well, or maybe I didn't. Might have been a mistake going with the 20 mile tt when I hadn't done any all year but in the 50-54 14 mile tt I wouldn't have beat the winner so silver there likley also. I did hit the INT button on each lap. Lap 1 and 3 have the entry and exit from the start/finish so they're longer. With that in mind, my opening lap was 16:19, closing lap at 16:29. Middle lap at 13:41. Avg cadence at 96, which I felt good about given the 1000' of climbing. But power sucked, 313 avg, 320 NP. Very hilly course so power was up and down. Had a 40 mph descent on each lap and others in the 30's. Still, I should do better on the power. Felt like I gave it all on the course. I can say that I have medaled in 18 straight Ohio state championship tt's. Thats not too bad...but I want gold! And I prefer those shorter tt's where I can hold 380-400 and be done in 7-14 minutes.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

comment on TdF….and why its boring

Wouldn't the Tour de France be more interesting if rather than accumulated time determining the winner they used the results of every stage and awarded points based on your placement in the field? As it stands, it would be like baseball always playing 7 games of the World Series but the winner was based on total runs. Team A wins game one 10-1 but then they lose 6 games in a row by 1 run every game. Yet, they still win the World Series because they scored more runs over all 7 games. At least in baseball a team could score a boat load of runs in the last game and make it interesting. In a stage race, the race can over before its half over. Have to say I didn't watch 10 minutes of it this year for this reason and that professional cycling lost me with the doping, especially since the UCI knew what was going on.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

State Tt preparation

Did three 5 minute steady state but pushed them into tt range at 375, 383, 381...felt pretty easy really...registered for both 50-54 and cat 3 for Sunday; may err on the side of doing the longer cat 3 (20 mile) race; the 50-54 has two guys who have both been top 5 at nationals and i've never beat them; usually they don;t race age, just the 1/2 bracket; the cat 3 field, while younger, looks beatable; if that event goes first, I may do the age also; if age is first, I may just do cat 3...hedging my bets on this but so are others.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cleves Time Trial

I wanted to ride my best time of the year on that course and I did. Pretty hot at 5:30 when I went off (92) and still windy but rode a 22:26, 356 watts, 97 cadence. Was shooting for 22:15 and will get there eventually but ok with tonights results. I held 363 for the first half, and just 342 on the second. Need to get that second half power up. Definitely rode the first half all out and hoped to keep that up in the second half. Speed went up on the second half but power down with slight tailwind. State tt on SUnday near Cleveland. Feeling good.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Counting Other Tasks...

When tallying up the efforts for the day, even when it can't be quantified with Hr or wattage data, I do take into account time working in the yard, walking the dogs, etc. Any type of activity is good for us and always better than sitting around and should be taken into account when planning and reviewing your training and racing. This past Saturday, after during 500 miles back from MI and having ridden 400 miles in 7 days, I took the day as recovery with a 60 minute indoor ride below 100 watts. On Saturday I did about 90 minutes at 170, low endurance. Today I did my 55 minute spin class with plenty of short but hard efforts (350-400 watts, 30-180 seconds) and then worked in the yard for a few hours removing plants. All in all, a pretty tough day. Tomorrow is off, race on Tuesday. Its good to get out and work non-cycling muscles and move in and out of the saggital (right/left) plane.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Last Ride in MI

last ride on this trip; did 51 miles, 2:43; avg 240, NP 282; did three sets of 30 on 30 off x5, 5 minutes between the sets; 491/452/501/506/463, 499/517/476/477/491, 503/516/514/534/507 and one more 1:45 effort at 391; off tomorrow for long drive home

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Traverse City to Sleeping Bear Dunes and Back

Awesome ride today on a classic Michigan day. Sixty six miles, 247 avg watts, about 5000' of climbing on this out and back. Used county road 616 for a most of the way and covered Pierce Stocking Drive through Sleeping Bear Dune. Wish I could do this ride once a week through the summer.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cold Day in Michigan

Temperatures will range from 50-58 today with grey cloudy skies. Should be better the next two days so I'll ave the long rides. Today I did 14 x 30 second efforts, 2 minutes between; power averages were 476, 511, 493, 515, 542, 536, 558, 531, 562, 545, 580, 577, 607, 549; NP for 30 miles, 305; avg power at 251. Off to do some hiking.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Healthy Habits for Weight Control

read this in the latest Fitness Journal…when those who successfully control their weight were surveyed…. 78% ate breakfast everyday 75% weight themselves at least weekly 62% watch less than 10 hours of tv per week 90% exercise at least one hour per day

Michigan Century

Rode from Traverse City to the Leelanau Trail to Suttons Bay, onto M22 to Northport, south to Leeland, further south to Glen Lake, through Sleeping Bear Dunes via Pierce Stocking Drive and then back 616 to Traverse City through Maple City and Cedar for 105 miles, 240 avg watts, about 6000' of climbing. Awesome ride! One of my favorite!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Old Mission Peninsula Ride #2

Rode about 45 miles on the Old Mission Peninsula today with a 38 minute effort at tempo, 297 watts. Bike shot is at the lighthouse, just shy of the 45th parallel. Hope to do 100 tomorrow up to Northport, Glen Lake, Sleeping Bear, etc. Did 40 yesterday on the Leelanau Trail from Traverse to Suttons Bay and back. Trying to not log the big miles I did last year (500+ in 8 days). Sate tt in a couple of weeks so want to taper things down a bit.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

First ride in Michigan

Rode out and back on the Old Mission Penninsula. Did a 52 minute steady state at 319 into the wind on the way out. Total of 38 miles and normalized power at 285 for entire ride. After two tt's and now this, will ride easy tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Two tt's in 24 hours

Rode Cleves (22:29, 348 watts) and Blue Streak (21:40, I think, and 351 watts). Pretty happy with hose two efforts. made some changes to the position on the Giant Trinity, primarily lowered the bars and raised the saddle for a flatter back and lower profile. Feels pretty good with no loss of power. Reading a great book by Matt Dixon, The Well Built Triathlete. Its loaded with tips on training. Its the second book I've read recently where the author stated that stretching is a complete waste of time in that there is no evidence that it prevents injury or aids in recovery. I've always felt the same way. Train through full ranges of motion in the gym and you'll be fine.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PowerTap Rear and matching front wheel, $300

DT Swiss R450 wheels, Salsa skewers, 12-27 Shimano 10 speed cassette, PowerTap SLC hub 32 spoke…shipping not included

Cleves Time Trial

Another windy and hot (90) and humid evening. Held 353 watts, 22:41 for the 10.25 miles. Certainly not the effort I put out in Canton last week but a good night of training. Weight is staying in that 168-169 range. Really enjoying the Isagenix products. The IsaLean shakes are fantastic. Also added the Stages crank arm to my road bike so the powertap wheel is for sale.

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