Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday ride: two 20+ minute tempo efforts

Did a 24 minute and 23 minute tempo effort today along SR 52 between the casino and New Richmond. Held 323 and 331 respectively with average speed being 25.6 and 27.1. Some wind assist on the second. Rode the Cervelo P2 just so I can get in more miles i the tt position. No long ride today given the number of races (8) and miles ridden in May.

Friday, May 29, 2015

todays tempo efforts

Todays 2x20 tempo at 320 each, used the crit course at Ault Park.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cleves Time Trial, May 26

Rode a 22:35, 27.2 mph, tying my best of the year. Started late due to a major storm that brought the temperatures down to the upper 60's with some heavy humidity. Only had about 15 minutes to warmup so I went out with a high cadence. Was averaging about 375 watts through the first 4 miles into a headwind. Picked up speed and lost power over the second half ending up in the 350's. Wanted to push the first 4 miles or so to get used to the effort I'll need at the state tt 5k and 10k where power will have to be 380+.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Last few days in Tennessee

Arrived at our place on Wednesday afternoon having done my 9am strength class and about 45 minutes of recovery miles on the bike. Rode another 90 minutes through Great Smoky Mountain National Park that evening. On Thursday hiked to Brushy Mountain via Trillium Gap and then did some of the Cades Cove Loop that afternoon. Took a day off the bike. On Friday, hiked the Old Sugarland Trail to the Bullhead and back then rode about 46 miles to The Sinks, Element and Gatlinburg Bypass. This morning took in three laps around Cades Cove on the bike before driving home.

Bear Problem on Ride Toady

Riding in Cades Cove today came down a hill and saw a guy waving at me. I blew by him and then discovered the bear at the bottom of the hill. I was about 15' away at this point. A couple of Park volunteers told me to get off my bike and walk back up the hill. I did, and the bear started to follow at a pace faster than I could walk in my cycling shoes. Luckily, he or she finally bolted into the woods. Later on the rangers had the bear trap on its way. Apparently the bear has been a problem lately.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cleves Time Trial: 6 tt's in 8 days

the last of the tt's for another week. Held 353 watts for 22:54, 94 cadence.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

TT #5 in 6 days: Findlay Flyer 20k

Certainly didn't have my A game but I rode a decent 20k. Very windy so I took advantage of that on the way out. Kind of a cross win from behind so the disc wheel really didn't help. Had decent speed (27.4) but lower power (325). The way back was much slower but I upped the power to close to 340. Good enough for first overall. May do the local tt on Tuesday after recovery tomorrow. Have never ridden 5 TT's in such a short time span. Kind of interesting. Mentally, I felt pretty good even when the power wasn't there. I was afraid I be un-motivated by todays event but it was actually a great course (super flat) and there was good competition from the area. Also good to ride with a handful of the Upper Arlington high school team. They did a great job in their first time trial.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Omnium TT Results

Took first place. One more year and I can move up to the 55+

Southwest Ohio TT and Omnium TT

Did two races this morning. In the Southwest Ohio Time Trial Championship I rode our usual Tuesday course, held 357 watts, and too first place. About an hour later I went back out to ride the less than four mile prologue tt of an omnium. Held 367 for 8-9 minutes. Unsure of how I did i that one but felt strong. Those are the two best power averages I've this season. Much better than our Tuesday tt this past week and the Blue Streak on Wednesday by about 17 watts. Changed my position back to closer to where it was in the past after experimenting with some lower bar settings, raised saddle. The 357 would be pretty near some of my best power last year on that course. One more tomorrow in Findlay Ohio. Five time trials in 6 days.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Blue Streak TT

Looks like I rode around 23:00 holding low 340's on the power. We had to use an about and back course instead of the loop we usually use due to security concerns on the base. Also had lots of wind, some helpful, some not. For the second night of tt efforts, rode well.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cleve's Time Trial Series, week 2

Interesting ride. Averaged 349 watts, about 9 higher than last week but with the cool air (60's) and wind (15-25 mph), my time was a minute slower than last week. I didn't go out hard and really didn't go at this one with much determination knowing I have the Blue Streak tomorrow and a few more this weekend. Overall, not bad consider the B effort. Just glad power was up.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Thie s Week: 5 tt's ?

have on the schedule to ride eCleves on Tuesday, Blue Streak on Wednesday, the Southwest Ohio Senior Tt on Saturday followed by the Omnium prologue (at Cleves again) and then the Findlay Flyer TT in Gilboa, OH on Sunday afternoon. Should be doable with some rest between.

Century plus on Saturday

Started at Point Pleasant, OH on Saturday morning and rode into Ripley, across the first bridge into the outskirts of Maysville, into Maysville and then a little further south on Route 10, back into Maysville and across the Simon Kenton Bridge into Aberdeen, OH. From there we took 763 to 125, west to Russelville and then Georgetown before heading south on 221 back to 52 and into Point Pleasant for 105 miles in about 5:45. Had about 3500' of climbing in the last 60 with about 5000' total. The Cressleaf Groundsel In the fields was amazing. Its an invasive plant here in Ohio.

Congrats to Collegiate Rider!

I wont give specific names of the athletes I work with here in the blog but just over the weekend one of my clients took two top 20 placings at Collegiate nationals in the road race and time trial. He trained hard all winter and it paid off big this past weekend.

Friday, May 8, 2015

15 minute tt efforts

I used the crib course again on the tt bike. Held 351 for 15:35, 23 mph which given the hill on that course isn't bad. Feeling much better on the tt bike when it comes to getting the desired power. TT effort starts at the higher peak (a few peaks in) to the left and ends on the higher peak to the right.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

12 x 1 power intervals on TT bike

I rode the tt bike on these and averaged 516, 500, 507, 501, 471, 491, 501, 492, 499, 478 and 490, or 495 avg. Felt good about these especially in the tt position. Used the uphill section of the Ault Park crib course going clockwise.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cleve's Time Trial

22:35, 27.35 mph give or take. Actually, looking back over now 19 years of data, that would be one of my faster first nights out on the course. Power was only so-so. I'm adjusting to a more aero position. I do think that 340 watts and that speed is pretty low on the power end. Once I adjust to the position, and my training bike, the Cervelo P2, is set up the same way as my Giant Trinity, I'll get the power up to 350-360. Have to say that I also didn't kill myself tonight. Paced my self from the start and rode at maybe 90% of what would be an all-out effort.

Monday, May 4, 2015

First Cleves Time Trial on Tuesday May 5th

This the email that went out to the club members: Dear QCW Members, The 42nd year of the Cleves Time Trial Series will start on Tuesday May the 5th and continue every Tuesday through September 29th. Here are some of the rules and regulations for the series: 1. You must register at the link below as we do not allow on site registration. One fee covers the entire series whether you ride once or every week. Do all of them and its less than one dollar per week! 2. We takes names at the start line beginning around 6:30 pm and hand out the starting order at approximately 6:55. Our goal is to have the not-as-fast riders go first and then finish with the fastest riders. Your starting number is determined by your PR or your best ride of the current season. Riders showing up after the start numbers have been announced may be inserted into the list and assigned a letter with their number (i.e., rider 15a would go after rider 15 but before rider 16) or that rider may just be placed at the end of the order. This is left to the discretion of the volunteers managing the time trial that evening. 3. You must remember your number and where you should be in the starting line. We will help you with these as we announce the next five riders up and as we hold you at the start and ask you your number. You must again tell us your number as you cross the finish line. Riding past without letting us know your number may result in us not giving you the correct time. Announcing an incorrect number at the finish line is also a way to make the job of our volunteers that much more interesting. Keeping track of the riders finishing near you along with tracking your own time can help when things get confusing at the finish. Not that that ever happens. We will try to have some non-permanent markers on hand for those wishing to write their number on their arm, hand, etc. 4. Please cool down on the other side of the bridge beyond the finish and please do not linger in the street near the parking area. Given the truck traffic that occasionally comes through this is a safety issue. 5. Parking for this event is at the finish in the gravel area off to the east. We do not allow parking at the start so that the local residents can park on the street near their homes. We are weekly visitors to these communities and they have been more than accommodating to us for over four decades. A little courtesy has gone a long way in keeping this event on the same road for so long. 6. We will still offer the 5:30 start for those wishing to ride early. We limit this to no more than 12 riders. If you would like to ride early please email me directly at 24 hours in advance. For those of us doing the timing at 7:00 it is nice to have some competition at 5:30 but we also don't want to overwhelm those volunteering to be at Cleves at 5:30. Typically they are also riding at 7 and need to warmup. 7. No drafting 8. Be cautious of trucks on the course as they may be turning into one of the terminals along the course. This could be trucks passing you and then turning right across your path or coming at you and turning across your lane. The course is not closed so delays caused by this are simply bad luck. This is why we offer this event 20+ times each season. Come back and try again. 9. Results are handed out on the lawn across from the finish line parking area usually within 15 minute of the last rider crossing the line. If you think your time is incorrect please let us know so we can review the situation. 10. We will start riders in the rain but we will delay or cancel when thunder and or lightening is in the area. This is also left to the discretion of the volunteers. Other than these simple rules, just show up and ride as hard as possible. I look forward to seeing everyone again on the 5th. Sincerely, Peter A. Wimberg

Upper Arlington High School Team Development Camp

Had a great time this past weekend with the Upper Arlington High School Cycling Team at their Development Camp at Deer Creek State Park. We arrived on Friday and were treated to a meal cooked by the team with the help of a dietician guided shopping trip to Whole Foods the night before. On Saturday we spent a few hours in a large parking lot near the lake working on riding skills drills like cornering and riding slowly through intricate courses requiring accurate bike handling skills. I the afternoon we hit the road for single and double pace line skills with a little junior varsity vs varsity team time trial back to the cottages. On Sunday we spent some time working bumping drills in the outfield of a baseball diamond and then onto the road to work on bridging the gap. We then divided into two groups for more team time trialling back to the cottages. In the afternoon we worked on sprinting drills. We had about 16 riders and a rotation of parents providing support on the road with lead and follow vehicles and with breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Hope to be a prt of this again in the future.

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