Saturday, November 30, 2013

12x1 comments

Rode a couple of hours inside early in the a.m. since it was too cold for me to head out (20's). Once it warmed up I went to Ault Park to do some 12x1 power intervals. Started at the bottom of the loop going clockwise and took each to the back of the pavilion, coasted to the bottom and then did the next. Power averages were 489, 525, 509, 504, 491, 495, 495, 479, 475, 475, 492, 488 and 464. Much better than inside and pretty comparable to efforts done in years past.

12x1, outside at Ault Park, the graph

Thursday, November 28, 2013

4x5 minute tt efforts, comments

Just wanted to see how I would do with the next indoor tt on 12/15; held 348, 349, 349 and 358; used 350 on the Cycle-Ops Indoor 400 for the first three and then 360 on the last one. HR seemed to be under control, low 160's to upper 160's. Will shoot for 360 on the next efforts.

4x5 minute time trial efforts

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

12x1 results

Held from 413 through 435 with an average of 420. Did these inside where shifting on the Indoor 400 isn't as rapid fire as outside but still comparable to other efforts in the past inside. Skipped the indoor tt due to illness.

12x1 power intervals graph

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

USAC Level 1 Coaches Clinic

We spent a week in Colorado Springs and in that time completed the 30+ hours of training at the USAC headquarters. After 5 years as a level 2, over 250 CEU's, and now this, I'm one of just two level 1 coaches in Ohio and about 250 nationwide. We covered a lot of gorund in the clinic but a couple of key points would be.... keep training year-round with some breaks (days here and there, light weeks here and there) but no reason not to keep the intervals going, if scheduled properly strength training seems to be more accepted among the coaches and more a matter of how to fit it into schedules in a case study, our group of nine had a hard tiem agreeing on how to best train a rider but we did come to general agreements on the training, some groups did not linear, non-linear or block training: which is best? which do we actually use? seems like a hybrid non-linear/block works for me and most of my clients but it all depends on what their goals are and where they are coming from

Monday, November 11, 2013

Spin Class

This weeks spin class allows all of the riders to try 3x2 minute efforts, 1x10 minute, 5x1 minute and 5x20 seconds. One goal was to take the approximate average of the 3x2's and then hold 90% of that for the 10 minutes (pretty doable). Another goal was to use the 10 minute average power and be able to double that for the 30 second efforts (doable, but not easy). The one minute goal was to hold about 20-30% more than the two minute efforts. With the Keiser bikes it's possible to clear the data prior to each interval although you can't then save the entire ride or any of the individual efforts. Another reason to have a room full of Cycle-Ops Indoor 400 bikes, at triple the price of the Keisers unfortunately.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Steady States This Week

Rode some 20 minute efforts on Monday (322-325 on each) and did 3x15 inside today, 317, 322 and 324. Holding right around 4.2 watts per kg. Did one circuit class this week and two lifting sessions on my own. Hope to get in a long ride tomorrow.

Indoor 3x15 Steady State Graph

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Lunge

Another great exercise for the cyclist and so many options to consider for the simple fact that they give us the chance to work outside the saggital (right/left) plane. All of these can be done with a selection of light to heavy weights, with and without curls. forward lunge: pretty obvious, alternate sides of work one then the other reverse lunge: same idea but step back all the way out/back lunge: one step that takes you from the reverse lunge position to the forward lunge; work one side, then the other side lunge: either done side to side or across the room and then back (don't change your orientation!); add one weight for a lunge with a curl forward lunge to 45 degrees: causes the leg not going forward to bend in and down reverse and to the side: kind of a curtsy if this makes it easier to see you can also use a step or box or BOSU and add weight to curls and presses for any of these.

More Steady States and reading material for Level 1 Clinic

Did 4x12 minutes yesterday at 321-325 on the way to Ripley, Oh. took it easy today with some light riding and then 90 minutes of hiking. Downloaded the 7 articles for the upcoming clinic in Colorado Springs. Lots of interesting thoughts on how to set up training plans (linear, non-linear, block) and what makes a good coach. Looking forward to the clinic.

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