Sunday, May 20, 2018

Indiana Senior 5k and 10k

Things went well today. I rode the 5K in 6:40, 395 watts, 91 rpms, 27.8 mph. This is just 2 seconds off two years ago when we did this last. Give the rough condition of the course pavement and having three riders coming at me (they were cooling off....really?....'get off the course' was my comment as I went by) I'd call it even with 2016. The 10k was 13:31, 351 watts, 91 rpms, 27.33, or about 7 seconds off 2016. It wasn't the same route. They added in 7 additional turns, some extremely tight. Once again, overall, about the same as two years ago. I think I won both events as I was closing in on the other fast guy in my group but I had to leave. They weren't doing medals until after the road race.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Body Weight Work for Cyclists and other endurance athletes

from the latest Performance Strength Conditioning newsletter....I would agree with this 

5x1 minute, 1 minute between, Sunday race preparation

All went well. Feeling good about Sunday. Looking for some really good speed and power, and two gold medals ideally. At the very least I want too qualify for Albuquerque even with Ohio, KY, MI and FL still on the schedule. Power today was 429, 471, 499, 477 and 506, inside.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


After the trip to Tennessee its been back to the training plan.  Sunday was an easy day inside, Monday had 90 minutes of endurance (200 watts) with the 55 minute strength class late in the afternoon, and last night I went to Cleves to ride for 90 minutes with 3x12 steady state at 310-320 along with some 30 second efforts at 400+. I then timed the other riders at 7:00. Today was 55 minute spin class and then 55 minute circuit. Tomorrow will be off and some endurance on Friday (not long, maybe an hour) with Saturday being short on time with 5x1 minutes s a warmup for Sundays Indiana State 5k and 10k championships in Evansville. Should be ready. Have the saddle height dialed in on the Trinity. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

TP...strength training

Friday, May 11, 2018

HIIT for Seniors

Smokies Trip in My, #2

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