Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Late Summer Let Down?

I've had a few of the riders I'm working with question their lower power or lack of enthusiasm over the last few weeks of riding and training. I've felt the same way. Riding the Tuesday evening time trial the last few weeks has been pretty unmotivating. My times have been about average for the season (22:24-22:11 for 10.25 miles) but I have to admit that while warming up that I just don't care much about riding fast. My training intervals, lots of descending steady states (20 minutes, then 15, then 10 and 10) have been good (around 320-325 watts) but just not very exciting. So, whats up? For me, and I think for others as well, its a matter of having already gone past our peak events for the year (state time trial; state senior Olympics) and our mind and body responding to the many weeks and months of intense training by kind of backing off. I don't think its harmful to keep training through this unless you see a big drop in performance. Last night at the time trial my mind was elsewhere but my legs were still good for an average of 27.45 mph. If I had a week where I really dropped off, like a minute slower, I'd probably call it a season. I kind of like knowing that even on an off night I can just muscle my way to a good ride. With that in mind what else is on the calendar? Another 4 Tuesday evening time trials, another one or two Blue Streak Time trials and then the start of the indoor series in November. I'm sure we'll take some easy weeks in that time before the indoor series but we'll also keep some intensity going. I know I'll be motivated for the indoor series but in the meantime a little time off for the mind and the legs is ok. The intense training of the winter months will be here soon enough. Backing off and feeling a little tired now is perfectly fine.


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