Monday, August 20, 2012

Training Update

It's late in the season and there are about 8-10 more time trials with the local Tuesday event running through September, a couple of more Blue Streaks in Dayton and maybe another regional tt. The weekly training calendar is still filled with intervals. The last couple of weeks we were doing over/unders. Basically these were 4 minutes at 320-330 and then 2 minutes at 360-370 totally 36 minutes. Had a slight break after each 12 minute effort. This past week and this week are all about descending steady states. We'll ride 20 minute, then 15 then 10 at 320-330. The time between is 7 and 5 minutes roughly. So why keep hammering now? Why not. As long as you're not burned out physically or mentally this training is just building for the future in addition to keeping you sharp in the present. We'll slow down in October and November but the indoor tt's start in mid November so we'll keep some intensity on the calendar. I do think master age athletes may tolerate this better. Maybe its because we would dread rebuilding all of that power since it won't come back quite as easily as someone in their 20's or 30's. Or maybe we just realize that as we get older that its great to still be riding strong and why not enjoy it.


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